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Look Who’s Turning 20!

photo of Ellie McCabe
John’s Island Foundation founder and first president, Ellie McCabe

The John’s Island Foundation is fast approaching its 20th anniversary this May! Founded in 1999 by John’s Island residents Ellie McCabe, Don Macrae, and Jay McNamara, the Foundation was created specifically to make grants to fund the capital needs of local nonprofits, “which nobody was doing back then,” reflected Ellie McCabe, who stepped up to become the organization’s first President that year. The fledgling JI Foundation proved so successful that it was able to provide first-year grants in the amount of $278,270 to meet the bricks and mortar needs of 22 local agencies serving the economically disadvantaged! Two decades later, the Foundation is justifiably proud of its well-established role in supporting the capital needs of local agencies, a niche that seamlessly complements the work of the United Way and JI Community Service League, both of which fund operating and program expenses. We are enduringly grateful to the efforts of our many volunteers over the years who have served on our site review teams, rigorously evaluating all agencies who apply for grants, and to the outpouring of generosity from our John’s Island donors, who understand the importance of our work and respond so philanthropically.

“The growth and success of the John’s Island Foundation have exceeded all my expectations!”
– Ellie McCabe

Look At Us Now (based on 2017-2018 end-of-year data)
$10,572,161 – total grant allocations
505 – donors

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