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2019-2020 Site Teams & Agency Assignments

Team Captain: Pat Brier

Team Members:Elissa Holmes, Brenda Kelsey, Chuck Lyons, George Morrow, Abbott Stillman, Don Blair

Agency Assignments:Safe Families, Safe Space, Veteran’s Council, Hope for Families, Arc

TeamCaptain: Frances Cramb

Team Members: Bruce Gillespie, John Hessian,  Anne Rhoads, Pamela Sheiffer, Linda Williams

Agency Assignments:Miss B’s Learning Bees, Special Equestrians, Youth Guidance

Team Captain: David Harris

Team Members:Betsy Kittell, Peggy Rickard, Gerry Saxe, Carole Taylor

Agency Assignments:Alz- Parkinson, Camp Haven, Education Foundation

Team Captain:Tina Nickle

Team Members:Leslie Caruso, Don Ciampa, Nan Curtis,Betsy Smith,Dick Solar, Shari Wampler

Agency Assignments:E.O.C.- Headstart, Hibiscus Children Center, Treasure Coast Food Bank

Team Captain: Lila Stillman

Team Members: John Hamill, Sandra Holmes, Norm Rickard, Celie Tamony

Agency Assignments:Senior Resources, Mental Health Association, St. Francis Manor

Team Captain: Jim Poole

Team Members: Dr. Howard Katelman, Trish Mulvoy, Judy Zhern , Kathleen Poole

Agency Assignments:Kindergarten Readiness Collaborative, Treasure Coast Community Health, VNA

Team Captain: Bill Stallkamp

Team Members:Jim Daly, Dave Hentschel, Susie Hentschel, Carole Parks, Kathy Royal, Cathy Sommers, Jack Murphy

Agency Assignments:Boys and Girls Club, Crossover Mission, United Against Poverty

Team Captain: Margie Wheeler 

Team Members:Herb Aspbury, Mary Harnett, Grace Hinkley, Theresa Kilman, Joe Siegelbaum, Lem Sperry

Agency Assignments: The Source, The Learning Alliance, Treasure Coast Homeless Shelter Services, RCMA

*GYAC – is the recipient of the Ellie Mc Cabe 20th Anniversary Grant – Pat Brier, Margie Wheeler, Lila Stillman and Ellie Mc Cabe will be the Team members.