2015 2016 Officers Announced

The John’s Island Foundation is proud to announce new officers for the 2015/16 season. Each of these board members brings substantial experience and proven commitment to the Executive Committee.

Jim Johnson, President
Jim Poole, Vice President
Ken Wessel, Development Chairman
Carole Parks, Secretary
Art Scutro, Treasurer
Jay Anglada, Grants Chairman

Many thanks to the preceding officers for their hard work and accomplishments over the past two years.

Since 1999, the John’s Island Foundation has given over $8.4 million for the capital needs of charitable agencies in Indian River County. This year we have 26 agencies requesting funding which totals over $800,000. These requests include: renovations on two group homes for the ARC of IRC; a complete kitchen renovation for Restoration Ministries women’s shelter; and, a commercial air conditioning unit for the Homeless Family Center.

The John’s Island Foundation is unique. We raise funds solely through your donations. We do not sell tickets for events, nor do we raise revenues from parties or benefits. Please consider supporting the Foundation through which many well vetted and deserving agencies are served.


Charitable Gifts

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