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The John’s Island Foundation gives special recognition to members of the Leadership Circle who have shown extraordinary generosity, with annual donations of $5,000 and above

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Leadership Circle 2022

On Sunday, February 27, 2022 we welcomed about 200 Leadership Circle members to our third annual Leadership Circle celebration “Gratzie Mille.”  Leadership Circle donors enjoyed a wide array of fine Banfi wines paired with Tuscan specialties prepared by Chef Farnsworth. Foundation Chair Don Blair gave an update on Foundation activities and Phil Barns, ED of Youth Guidance spoke of how the Foundation has made a major impact on his agency’s ability to achieve its mission.  Thank you to the Marinari family for donating the Banfi wine, and thank you to our sponsors, John’s Island Real Estate and Northern Trust whose generous contribution covered the costs. 

Don and Mary Blair
Mandy Robinson, Bob Gibb, Rennie Gibb
Margie Wheeler, Francie Cramb
Molly Hart, John and Pam Marinari
Phil Barnes, Tina and Andy Nickle
Matt and Becky Rundels
Sam and Joanne Thomas
George and Marlen Higgs
Paul and Michelle Julian
Jim and Theresa Kilman, Marie and Jack Murphy
Jim Marver and Shirin Kaufman, Shari and Jeff Wampler
Ron and Nancy Rosner
Michael and Kathie Pierce
Jane and John Todd
John and Kathryn Harris
Bill and Linda Glavin
Alan and Maureen Maguire and John and Darlene Scott
Sandy Johnson, Nancy Rosner, Molly Hart, Jim Johnson
Bill and Laura Buck
Warren and Virginia Schwerin
Wendy and Chase Carey
Richard and Barbara Detwiler, John Wheeler
Susie and David Hentschel, Ginny Hoynes
Francie and Chuck Cramb, Molly Hart and Mike Griffin, John and Margie Wheeler

Leadership Circle 2019

We enjoyed seeing those who were able to attend our second annual Leadership Circle Banfi wine tasting party, “Italy Comes to Florida”, on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, in the JI Ballroom.

John's Island Foundation 20th Anniversary co-chairs: Ron and Nancy Rosner, Ned and Sherry Ann Dayton, Virginia and Warren Schwerin
20th Anniversary co-chairs: Ron and Nancy Rosner, Ned and Sherry Ann Dayton, Virginia and Warren Schwerin
John's Island Foundation people at party
Banfi Vintners: Cristina, John and Pam Mariani
John's Island Foundation people at party
Northern Trust event sponsors: Scott Alexander, Gail Alexander
John's Island Foundation people at party
John’s Island Real Estate event sponsors: Mandy Robinson, Rennie Gibb, Wheatie Gibb, and Bob Gibb
John's Island Foundation Paul and Michelle Julian
Paul and Michelle Julian
John's Island Foundation Hubert (Mark) Earle and Randy Rolf
Hubert (Mark) Earle and Randy Rolf
John's Island Foundation Caroline Ervin
Caroline Ervin
John's Island Foundation Susan and Bob McLean
Susan and Bob McLean
John's Island Foundation Barbara and Charles Gulino
Barbara and Charles Gulino
John's Island Foundation Jim and Kathleen Poole
Jim and Kathleen Poole

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