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Spotlight on Crossover Mission Borne of a partnership between Gifford native and former gang member Antoine Jennings and MBA import-export entrepreneur Cathy De Schouwer, Crossover Mission reaches across cultural boundaries to offer at-risk youth one-to-one academic mentoring, academic support, and basketball training, redirecting them on a path toward successful adulthood. Since the John’s Island Foundation first provided grant support to the newly formed Crossover Mission in 2014, we have donated an array of capital equipment and resources to help this unique nonprofit to grow and thrive, from vans to transport students to computers and laptops to facilitate their learning. Today, Crossover Mission is justifiably proud of its track record in instilling the foundations of literacy, discipline, teamwork and confidence in its vulnerable client population… and the John’s Island Foundation is equally proud to help Crossover create a vision of excellence for young people in our county who need it most.

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